Taco Seasoned Purple Hull Peas


Purple hull peas were a new phenomenon to me when I first moved to Texas.  I have to admit, I was a litt-le scared of them at first. But after getting to know them better, they’ve really grown on me.


I’ve always been a fan of legumes. They’re like, the perfect food since they’re

  • loaded with nutrition
  • allergy friendly
  • super inexpensive
  • taste great with any seasoning blend
  • can be cooked in many forms (refried, roasted, boiled, slow-cooker, etc. . )
  • in their dried from they can be stored forever, soaked, and ‘brought back to life’!

So nifty!

Purple hull peas are all of the above in FRESH form! You could cook and eat them with just a simple salt/pepper seasoning, but I’m always looking for ways to spice things up. Taco seasoning is always a crowd pleaser, so that’s what I chose this time.  They make an awesome taco salad! I’ll post photos of the taco salad we ate this week soon. . . It was so yummy, I just have to share. :)

Cook them over the weekend, and you’ll have taco seasoned nutritional powerhouses to add to your lunches all week!


2 and 1/2  cups fresh purple hull peas

2 cups water

3 T. homemade Taco Seasoning (or store bought if you must!)

2 T. olive oil

juice from 1 lime


Combine all ingredients and simmer, covered, on low for 45 min.-1 hr.

Add fresh lime juice after done cooking.

Enjoy on a taco salad, burrito, or a taco!

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