How Much I Spent On Organic Food In March


O.K., I’m getting behind in my monthly organic food spending posts. I haven’t added up February’s spending yet, but organic food spending for the lucky month o’ March  has me doing a happy dance! And with this month’s post, I can ALMOST say I’ve tracked/posted organic food spending for a 12 months.  That is, if I hadn’t skipped June and July of last year.

Since I’m curious how much we spend in the peak summer months of June and July, I’m going to continue tracking our spending through the summer. It is especially relevant considering the fact that we eat a lot of seasonal produce.

So by the end of this summer, I’ll be able to find out how our organic food spending averages out over a 12 month period.

how_much_i_spent_on_organic_food_in_marchLast  month’s (March) spending breaks down as follows;

Azure Standard– $198.39

Greenling– $131.69

Costco– $122.27

Aldi– $107.25

Tom Thumb-$66.70

Kroger– $34.30

Wal-Mart– $72.71

Seigels– $12.92

Trader Joes– $34.91

Holy Cow Beef $0

Super 1 Foods– $15.52

TOTAL $796.66



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