Organic Food Shopping; Where I Buy Organic Pasta


I buy all of our organic spaghetti and organic penne pasta in bulk from Costco. One bulk package typically lasts us 3 months. Unlike the organic spaghetti and penne which we eat every week, we rarely eat alphabet pasta. I bought a box online from Eden Foods several months ago and it’s still not empty. […]

Crazy Good Beef Tallow Pizza Dough


Before you call me crazy. . . let me just say that this Beef Tallow Pizza Dough makes a crazy good pizza crust! It’s also crazyEASY to make! Just flour, yeast, hot water, and beef tallow come together to make a tender, crisp, delicious, organic pizza crust! One of the things I love about this recipe is […]

September Organic Food Spending


School has started, so organic food shopping this month included all the standard school lunch supplies. I got a lit-tle carried away with September’s organic food spending. I ordered some much-needed barley malt powder and sorghum syrup from an online store called ‘Barry Hill Farm’.  Cuz you know, everyone needs malt powder and sorghum syrup. I […]

Organic Food Shopping; Where I Buy Organic Meat


I BUY ALL OF OUR ORGANIC MEAT ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY FROM LOCAL FARMS!  I spend an average of $250.00 each month on organic meat. Most of it is actually BEYOND organic, meaning 100% grass-fed/foraged/pastured meat. This might sound like a lot of money- or meat- or both. But honestly, it often is the main focus of […]

Strawberry Iced Vegan Banana Muffins


You’ll be amazed at how delicious and moist these vegan muffins are! I promise, you will not miss the eggs and milk! They are delicious with or without the strawberry icing, but for an extra special banana muffin– definitely spring for the strawberry icing! One of the major advantages of having started baking at age […]