Apple Cinnamon Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes


Apple juice, ya’ll. That’s all you need for the ‘apple’ part of this recipe. Easy, right?! I mean, who wants to take the time to slice apples for a recipe? Any recipe that requires slicing of fruit gets made by me maybe, once a year? (Yes, I’m referring to apple pie). NOTE: The apples you […]

December 2014 Organic Food Spending


(The candy canes pictured ARE 100% organic, by the way. ) I’m so excited to be writing the last post of my two-year experiment to find out how much it costs to eat an organic food diet! 2015 marked the beginning of actually eating a 100% organic food diet, so I’m very excited to soon […]

Leftover Grass-Fed Roast Beef BBQ Sandwiches


Leftover Grass-Fed Roast Beef BBQ Sandwiches are a great way to use leftover roast beef! We never eat an entire roast beef in one meal, and serving leftover roast beef doesn’t usually go over well in our family. It just seems sort of well, depressing. But if I SHRED the leftover grass-fed roast beef and […]

Leftover Roast Chicken Taco Salad Bar


This yummy Leftover Roast Chicken Taco Salad Bar is one of our favorite Friday dinners. I set it up as a buffet so that everyone can serve themselves. Somehow, not having to set the table for dinner makes it feel like a break for me. Confession: I hate setting the table. This recipe is almost […]

November 2014 Organic Food Spending


$1,013.68 was the grand total for our November 2014 organic food spending. I bought a number of goodies this month, including organic masa corn flour, organic masa taco shells, and some Real Salt. They were all bulk purchases, and I anticipate the corn flour and taco shells will last us a year! Why organic masa corn […]