Strawberry Iced Vegan Banana Muffins


You’ll be amazed at how delicious and moist these vegan muffins are! I promise, you will not miss the eggs and milk! They are delicious with or without the strawberry icing, but for an extra special banana muffin– definitely spring for the strawberry icing! One of the major advantages of having started baking at age […]

Easy Organic Chicken Taco Seasoning


This Easy Organic Chicken Taco Seasoning is actually WAY MORE than just a chicken taco seasoning! I also use this seasoning blend to season beef fajitas, as a base for ‘regular’ taco seasoning, and for chicken tortilla soup (or white chili). I love making my own seasoning blends because I know they are purely organic […]

How Much I Spent On Organic Food In August

Cherry Almond Smoothie Oh Yum!

I’m sure temperatures averaged 200 degrees this month. Or maybe it was 100. . . I don’t know. What’s the difference? Whatever it was, we’ve been trying to stay cool by eating lots of fresh, locally grown produce and smoothies! I didn’t buy as many organic pantry supplies from Azure Standard as I typically do. For […]

Thyme For Grass-Fed Slow Cooker Beef Stock


It is thyme. . . Thyme for Grass Fed Slow Cooker Beef Stock! Look at that deep, rich brown color! Isn’t it beautiful?! And adding fresh thyme to the stock really makes all the difference in flavor! It took me long enough, but I’ve FI-nally join the ranks of homemade beef stock makers! And let […]