5 Minute Organic Sloppy Joe Sauce


This 5 Minute Organic Sloppy Joe Sauce has become one of my go-to recipes during the crazy-busy school year. I make it frequently because I can use it so many different ways! The kids’ favorite way to enjoy this 5 Minute Organic Sloppy Joe sauce is in classic sloppy joes. MY favorite way to enjoy […]

Organic Food Shopping; Where I Buy Organic Pasta


I buy all of our organic spaghetti and organic penne pasta in bulk from Costco. One bulk package typically lasts us 3 months. The organic spaghetti costs $6.99 for a pack of 6, so that comes out to just over a dollar per 1 lb. pckg. of organic spaghetti! Not bad! The organic penne pasta […]

Crazy Good Beef Tallow Pizza Dough


Before you call me crazy. . . let me just say that this Beef Tallow Pizza Dough makes a crazy good pizza crust! It’s also crazyEASY to make! Just flour, yeast, hot water, and beef tallow come together to make a tender, crisp, delicious, organic pizza crust! One of the things I love about this recipe is […]

September Organic Food Spending


School has started, so organic food shopping this month included all the standard school lunch supplies. I got a lit-tle carried away with September’s organic food spending. I ordered some much-needed barley malt powder and sorghum syrup from an online store called ‘Barry Hill Farm’.  Cuz you know, everyone needs malt powder and sorghum syrup. I […]